SpillExpo 2017 - A Recap

A month have past and the conference hangover has faded, so we just wanted to briefly summarize our weekend at spillExpo 2017. First off thanks to all the people that participated and came to our booth. It was very motivating and insightful to speak to you all and some of you had some very interesting ideas for where to take the game, I hope we get the opportunity to implement some of them. Also, I hope you stay in touch with us and share your ideas and experience further.

A special thanks to all of you who did the survey, it has given us a lot of data to work we hope to get get more time to talk to you about our findings when we are finished with our alpha phase in a couple of months.

Thanks also needs to be given to some great booth neighbours; 4 bit games and Snowcastle Games

And a shout-out to the organizers at spillExpo and especially Hamar game collective for the help and opportunity.

Hope to see all of you at SpillEXPO 2018

Sincerely us at Lucidum Studio!