Indie Game Dev - Why Blog?

Hi and welcome to our development blog for our first serious game project!

Here, we will share ups and downs from our development. You will be able to follow along with our programmers, designers, and artists while they strive to make their first "Big" game. In this first post, I will lay the groundwork for what you can expect from this blog , in addition to why, how and what we are trying to do here. In a couple of weeks we will share more about our current project #pareidolia

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WHY - Should we prioritize this

  • Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Feedsback
  • Helping

There are several “whys” to the equation for doing this, the first and most obvious is marketing. As a small independent startup game company, we do not have the funds to spend money on marketing, at least at this point. But some marketing of our game is essential for us to ensure its success. Marketing our game is not this main goal of this blog, there is the internal factor motivation for the team. Since this is mainly developed as a product of passion and self-fulfillment and not bringing any cash or paycheck to the developers, we sometimes are in need for some external validation, and hopefully, this also will bring some feedback from our way from potential fans and other developers. By doing this, we hope to reach some that are facing the same issues and hurdles as we are, and maybe these people would gain some much-needed insight from our wrongs or rights by helping or pointing others in the right direction would make us "pay it forward" as so many others have done to help us come this far.

Using SMART goals
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Assignable
  • Realistic
  • Time-related

From experience in software development and other projects, I decided to set some SMART goals Wikipedia

Both the Specific and Measurable is described under the key performance indicators (KPIs), when it comes to Assignable. This is done by a team effort; that each team member should contribute to at least one specific "in-depth" post each 6-month period. As for Realistic, we don’t have much to go on, so we compared us to other Norwegian game companies that we believe are doing ok when it comes to social media. Time-related is also linked to the same six month period mentions in relation to the in-depth post.

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Setting KPIs

So the specific and measurable goal we are setting is also linked to another area we are comfortable that is the pirate metrics ( Since this is the first post, we are only focusing on a minimum set of Acquisition metrics for our blog, and some reach metrics for social media. This is just to have something to monitor and to improve over time and to see what we can do to affect the numbers. And we will for sure set and monitor more performance indicators at a later point in time. For now, we are monitoring:

Reach metrics:
  • Followers
  • Mail subs
Acquisition metrics:
  • Shares
  • Retweets

WHAT - are we sharing

  • Project status once a month
  • "In-depth" topic once a month
    • Programming
    • Art/Animation
    • Game Design
    • Other.

We will post about two times a month where once a month the topic will be based on either; programming, art, animation, project management or game design or some other random topic that’s related to the development, at least this is the current plan. This is considered by us to be a bare minimum if we are to have some followers.

The other scheduled post we are doing is the project status report. This will also happen once a month. The content of this post will be about what we got done in the last month, and what we currently are working on.

The blog and social media will share most content, but we will make drop some small random content on platforms like Twitter or Facebook, and we are sharing this in-game developer circles to cover our first demographic, but also trying to get more potential game buyers to see what we are doing. We did not put much effort into deciding what social media platform to be on but defaulted to the largest and most used by the development team. Down the road, we hope to be on more direct channels for our core audience. We will probably visit this questing in more detail when all the preliminary user tests are done at the start of next year. Then, we can be more sure what kind of demographics our audience recites in.

Mountain Road

HOW - often are we posting

We aim to release content to the platforms regular, and this is the main goal. We will at least try to see how this works and probably tweak the plans a bit to better co-align with our goals and overall strategy when we see how much return on investment (ROI) this gives us.

  • Twitter: Two times a week
  • Facebook: Once a week
  • Blog: Two times a month

Since this takes time away from our main focus that is our project. We are mainly planning to do some smaller posts.

Post length:

750 words for the topic posts. We landed on this to be somewhat SEO friendly and not taking up too much time from development

These are our current plans, but all may change if we see it necessary to reach our goals. What would you do differently? Or what are you doing Please write a comment

In a couple of weeks we will share more details on the project(#pareidolia).

(NOTE: We do not claim to be experts on any of these topics, we are sharing this to hopefully give someone some insight into either how to do something or how not to do it.)